Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

The Dangers of the Exotic Pet Industry

Posted by Marie Owens at 1:24 AM

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In recent years an alarming and dangerous trend has made itself seen in homes across the nation- the harboring of exotic animals as household pets. In today’s market you can find these exotic animals for sale in nearly any pet shop throughout America; ranging from the small and seemingly innocuous, to the large and ferocious. While pet shop owners, breeders and distributors of these foreign animals will lead their potential customers to believe ownership of these creatures is completely safe, this is anything but the truth. You don't need a criminal justice degree or experience in zoology to understand the consequences of adopting an exotic animal as a pet.

Exotic pets are often marketed in local pet shops and appear to be cute and eccentric pets. Shop owners often avoid explaining the the downsides to owning these animals to customers, and the animals are instead sold as being docile and sweet creatures from exotic locales around the world. In addition to the lack of information surrounding the proper care and treatment of these animals, the shop owners selling them will rarely give honest accounts of how the animal was captured and transported. This is partially because many shop keepers are as unaware as the customers on how exotic animals are captured and brought to the United States.

Typically, exotic animals are captured in their homeland, transported to the market in which they are to be sold, and then distributed to various pet shop owners for resale to the public. This presents several problems, both for the final customer as well as for the animal itself.

When these exotic animals are captured, the hunters often use unethical capturing methods. For example, a common method for catching baby chimps is to kill the mother and then take the babies. Another example is how hunters will sometimes use cyanide, a dangerous chemical, to catch fish. These shaky methods can have disastrous results on the fragile ecosystems from which these animals are coming. Furthermore, being captured and having to deal with the multiple transfers into different environments provokes high, unhealthy stress levels for the animals.

Once in America, life only becomes more stressful for these animals. The United States is not their natural habitat, which makes it difficult for many them to thrive. Especially in a house. Often, people visit a pet store and make a rash decision to purchase an animal they found because it looks cute. What they don’t know is that in a year, that adorable, fluffy African cat won't be so little and will be a terror; destroying their home, property and eating it's owner into bankruptcy and possibly turning them into a meal themselves. What’s the family to do then? It’s not surprising that many people attempt to turn these animals loose in the wild. However introducing a non-native animal into a new ecosystem can have drastic results on the fragile life cycle of the immediate area. Worse yet, the results and consequences are not easily reversed.

Causing issues within the environment are not the only problems that can occur when owning exotic pets. There are numerous physical dangers when humans try to turn these animals into household pets. It might be apparent to most people that a tiger would be dangerous, but those who have raised one and become emotionally attached may think otherwise. As humans, we tend to place our human emotions on our pets. Unfortunately, these animals do not have the same feelings we do and, as natural instinct, can attack.

The risk of attack by these animals is only just part of the many dangers in owning an exotic animal as a pet. Another serious issue that exotic pet owners frequently don’t realize is the exotic diseases these animals can carry. Salmonella, Hepatitis B, and even Monkey Pox can be carried by various exotic animals and all are transmittable to humans. It's even possible to catch these diseases without direct contact.

The best choice a person can make when choosing a pet, is to simply avoid exotic species. One should also strive to make informed of the choices when selecting animals and stick with native animals that have been properly domesticated. No species of wildlife will be suitable for the home, and trying to make an exotic animal a pet never works.

Brazil: Youths Burns Puppy Alive

Posted by veola at 12:47 AM

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

*Warning: Extremely Disturbing Scenes of Death*
*Warning: Not Suitable for Children below 18 and maybe even some Adults*
Update: Reader John Green has correctly pointed out that the kids (5 of them) in this video are not Brazilian and were not speaking in Portuguese. The language is Shami, an Arabic dialect. More links at end of post.

For so long, I have kept my word to try to abstain from posting videos containing scenes of extreme violence and horrific death caused by human beings on animals... but when a concerned reader Tita Borges Coutinho alerted me to an extremely gruesome clip posted on a blogspot site in July, written in Portuguese, and pleaded with me to highlight it here, I decided that enough is enough.... I shall not remain silent anymore.

As I do not understand a single word they said in the video, nor the words typed in the blog post of this particular website, I am urging all viewers to do whatever you can and get whatever help you are able to from friends who live in Brazil or understands Portuguese to help identify and track down these sick bastards. I may not know what these evil scums are saying but their actions and the fact that they are still laughing throughout makes me sick to the bone. May God punish these human trash and damn them to eternal hell fire.

Please, help spread the word of this video and if anyone is able to make out anything useful, please report to the local authorities.

If you can read Portuguese, you can visit this site and see if the blog post is trying to help identify the idiots or is the blog owner one of them?

Visit Shamidog.blogspot.com or it's wordpress equivalent site to have a more accurate account of what happened in the video.

Visit the Facebook Event page set up by John Green if you have any information that can lead to the identification of these scumbags.

Shark Finning

Posted by veola at 11:26 AM

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As you are reading this, every second, 3 sharks gets killed by a man somewhere...
Sharks are hunted world-wide for their fins, because there is a demand for it. It has been used mainly for the oriental cuisine shark fin soup, but also for certain medicinal cures.

Contrary to what many people assumed, these majestic creatures are finned globally by countries in Europe, Americas, and the Pacific, not just in Asia. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is estimated that between 10 to 100 million sharks are killed globally just for their fins.

As a cuisine, sharks fin soup are usually served in occasional feasts and in wedding banquets. One of the reasons could be that in the old days, sharks fin are hard to come by, and only the very wealthy can afford it. As such, consuming sharks fin is deemed to be an appropriate status symbol for the rich.

Before I knew better, sharks fin soup used to be one of my favorite dishes that I look forward to. But, thanks to the internet and what WildAid did together with a host of celebrities, when I realize how wasteful and ruthless we are in finning the sharks and throwing them back to the sea ALIVE... I vowed never again to eat or use anything that has sharks fin in it.

We should stop plundering and raping Mother Earth and the creatures who share the Earth with us. The people who do all these finning will not be giving up their killing anytime soon, why? Because we, as consumers, created that 'billions of dollars' of demand for it! The only way for the killing to stop, is if the buying stops first.

If you do consume sharks fin soup in dinners and wedding banquets, then may I ask you to join me in saying NO to this cruel cuisine, starting right now!

Read more about it at Wikipedia, Sharkwater, Vision Dive, and Shark Foundation

Romania: Horse Abused and Beaten

Posted by veola at 12:23 AM

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thanks to Joaquín Marín Pacheco, who highlighted this on our Facebook page.

The videos shows a bunch of lowlife morons, supposedly Romanian, beating and working a poor horse so hard in cold winter condition that it collapsed out of exhaustion. Instead of showing any care or compassion toward the fallen animal, they continued to laugh and whip the horse repeatedly. The poor creature tried to stand up but was just too weak from the abuse to even do so.

Is this how mankind love and protect these humble servants who worked for us without any complaints? Is this how we repay these creatures who share the Mother Earth with us and allow us to make a living out of their hard work?

These videos are supposedly recorded and published on Youtube by Adrian Gica who claims he lives in the City of Canciu, Romania, in the region of Bistrita-Nasaud.

I plead to all of Stop Animal Abuse's readers, please take action, sign the petition - links below, or contact the relevant authorities for them to investigate and persecute these losers. They deserve some flogging of their own. (Source: http://torturedhorsesromania.blogspot.com/ )

Blogger Films Himself Torturing Puppies

Posted by veola at 2:13 AM

Sunday, March 06, 2011

*WARNING* - Extremely Disturbing and Gut-Wrenching scenes. Parental Guidance Advised. Proceed with Caution. If you cannot watch the video for various reasons, read my description, and sign the petition. This is a serious crime the culprit is committing, and Google should not hide and protect his identity. Have a heart, Google.

Once again, I felt sick and numb after watching this video clip. Close to 20 minutes of senseless torture dished out on a poor defenseless puppy.

Apparently, this loser guy posted the video on his blogspot blog on 8th Feb 2011, http://letumcanis.blogspot.com/, showing the video clip of the incident. He calls himself 'Asesino Knino', which means Dog Murderer, and said he was from the city of Badajoz. At the moment, the blog seems to be taken down and is no longer accessible. (Update: A captured version of the culprit's original blog post can be found here. It shows a very well planned and systematic checklist of the different methods of torture the culprit intended to inflict upon his victims. You can use Google Translate tool on right column of site for translation from Spanish. Thanks to Joaqin Marin for this very useful information.)

The video shows what appears to be a man wearing heavy boots, in an enclosed store room, no windows and very messy. He picked up a couple of puppies, both gagged at the muzzle with what appears to be industrial strength rubberized tape, strangled and choked them, and shaking them violently before throwing them to the ground. One after another, the poor puppies scurry to a corner of the room, cowering in fear. They appeared weak, and one of them looked like it was limping.

Then the culprit picked up a third puppy, which appeared to be the most seriously weakened among the three, and proceeded to torture it for more than 15 minutes.

Besides strangling and choking the puppy, he also held the flame of a cigarette light at the puppy's ear. When the puppy did not struggle much, the culprit seemed un-satisfied, and shook and strangled the puppy a bit, before burning one of the pup's feet, causing the puppy to struggle and cry.

The rest of the clip showed the man beating, choking, throwing the puppy, spitting on the face of the puppy, pressing his thumb on the puppy's windpipe, standing ON the puppy with both feet, putting a metal rod across the puppy's neck and stepping on the rod....

I just cannot go on with the description any longer.

Please, sign the petition, write to Google, join in the manhunt. This piece of trash must be brought to justice.

Reporting Site in Spanish.
This very good site doing some detective work on the video in Spanish. Use Google Translate on right column to translate page. (Thanks Joaqin Marin!)

Kittens Thrown and Stomped on by youth

Posted by veola at 10:28 PM

Thursday, March 03, 2011

*WARNING* - DISTURBING Real life graphic footage of the UGLY truth of mankind's decadence. Read the write-up below first if you cannot stand the sight of such scenes, or if you are protecting some young minds from this filth.

Another footage of an animal abuser is being widely circulated on the internet. It is reported to have happened in Malaysia, Serdang.

This time, a CCTV camera captured close to 5 minutes footage of a young individual kicking, throwing, and stomping on, and beating with an umbrella, a few kittens near some seemingly deserted shops.

This loser seems to dislike cats as he/she seemed to keep her distance by first flicking the kittens away with an umbrella, before kicking and stomping on them. A more grown up cat appeared to have tried rescuing the kittens but was chased away by the mindless jerk.

Some netizens and Facebook users have successfully tracked down the abuser by her (yes, it's a she, a tomboy) cap and types of clothes that she likes to wear.

Video of Puppy Slammed onto Floor and Beaten

Posted by veola at 10:34 AM

Friday, February 25, 2011

WARNING!!!: Highly Graphic and Disturbing Violence reflecting the true NATURE of mankind!!!

Another sickening video clip of a few guys torturing and beating a poor defenseless puppy.
These trash has no heart, no soul. If you prefer not to watch the clip, just read my description below.

First, this loser flung the puppy by its hind leg, slamming it hard against the concrete floor. The poor dog appeared stunned and badly wounded by the impact, as it could barely move and was panting heavily. Something in its backbone or spine could be broken.

As if this is not enough, the group of losers, including the voice of a woman, said that it's still breathing and alive. So they decided to place a firecracker in the dog's nostril and light it up, which they did successfully after a few attempts, the firecracker blowing up in the face of the poor puppy.

By now near death, one of the guys even grabbed a long pole and aimed a few blows onto the neck and chin of the dog, as if playing golf. And finally, he threw the pole across the dog's neck and stepped on the pole...

These black hearted and ugly losers are indeed worse than the most vicious beasts.
I am lost for words.

Help Identify: Man Burned Kitten Alive In Cage

Posted by veola at 12:31 AM

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse reader Diego Wolf has alerted us of this horrific kitten burning video.

The kitten was first stuffed into a tiny cage, and then brought to a forested area, where it was then doused with some flammable liquid, and then set on fire. The heat was so intense that even the metal-wired cage broke apart. The kitten struggle but could only let out a muted scream before it's whole body was charred.

We have no idea where and when this incident took place, and do not know what language he is speaking. But we hope that, with the collective effort from all animal lovers and the power of the internet, we can track down these evil doers and bring them to justice.

It will not be easy, as the man's face only appeared briefly and partially. But we hope anyone who sees this video can provide some clue and help to flesh out this guy.

More information will be posted here as they become available.

Support Facebook Group who's trying to help identify the culprits

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