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Brazil: Youths Burns Puppy Alive

Posted by veola at 12:47 AM

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

*Warning: Extremely Disturbing Scenes of Death*
*Warning: Not Suitable for Children below 18 and maybe even some Adults*
Update: Reader John Green has correctly pointed out that the kids (5 of them) in this video are not Brazilian and were not speaking in Portuguese. The language is Shami, an Arabic dialect. More links at end of post.

For so long, I have kept my word to try to abstain from posting videos containing scenes of extreme violence and horrific death caused by human beings on animals... but when a concerned reader Tita Borges Coutinho alerted me to an extremely gruesome clip posted on a blogspot site in July, written in Portuguese, and pleaded with me to highlight it here, I decided that enough is enough.... I shall not remain silent anymore.

As I do not understand a single word they said in the video, nor the words typed in the blog post of this particular website, I am urging all viewers to do whatever you can and get whatever help you are able to from friends who live in Brazil or understands Portuguese to help identify and track down these sick bastards. I may not know what these evil scums are saying but their actions and the fact that they are still laughing throughout makes me sick to the bone. May God punish these human trash and damn them to eternal hell fire.

Please, help spread the word of this video and if anyone is able to make out anything useful, please report to the local authorities.

If you can read Portuguese, you can visit this site and see if the blog post is trying to help identify the idiots or is the blog owner one of them?

Visit Shamidog.blogspot.com or it's wordpress equivalent site to have a more accurate account of what happened in the video.

Visit the Facebook Event page set up by John Green if you have any information that can lead to the identification of these scumbags.

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