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Dog Abuse: Poodle named 'Sushi' Forced to Stand

Posted by veola at 11:35 PM

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This video that's been going around the internet for the past few days makes me sick.

Apparently, the video was and posted online by someone who picked up a pen-drive in a shopping mall in Malaysia containing this clip inside, all of 15 minutes and 7 seconds of it. But the video on Youtube has apparently been removed.

This sorry and skinny excuse for a human being was seen trying to 'train' the poor toy poodle named 'Sushi' to stand on its two hind legs. The moron seemed obsessed with getting the dog to stand on its two hind legs, and was strict about how Sushi must 'stand'. He repeated said in Cantonese, 'Stand Up!', 'Look Up!', 'Stand Up Straight!', '... or I'll PUNCH YOU!!!', and was asking his girlfriend who was filming, 'why his back-bone has no strength?'. The girl can be heard saying in Mandarin, 'Dear, enough, 10 minutes already', and, 'Dear, there is some blood at the mouth...'.

Repeatedly, the poor dog was punched, kicked, strangled, thrown, slammed against the wall, pulled at its leg, slapped, ABUSED. Sushi got so weak from the abuse that, even after it was thrown or sent flying after a punch or kick, it didn't bother trying to get up or run. And at one point, it fell off the small platform it was 'standing' on and was too tired to even get up or move, but instead just waited for the jerk to come back to pick him up and continue the abuse.

From his tattoos, the ring on his finger, and his plain ugliness, the infuriated netizens managed to 'human flesh' him out and tracked down the couple's identity, car license plate number, and even their Facebook profile. The SPCA in both Malaysia and Singapore were alerted to the case and the Malaysian authorities are apparently going to do something about it. I hope this won't end up fizzling out into nothing as both these countries are not known to have strong anti-animal abuse laws.

Pictures in their profile also seems to show that she now has another dog. They have pictures of Sushi as well as their other pets 'standing'. While it seems that Doreen Loo seems to be the girl involved, the identity of the guy has not been confirmed; 'Champ Alan' may or may not be the man in the video. Reports suggest that Sushi the poodle has already died. Well, I'm not surprised at all. I hope Sushi is in a better place now.

Now please take action and go sign the petition to make sure these losers go to jail. It only takes a few minutes, but your soul will thank you for it. God Bless the Human Race...

Look at their 'Human Flesh' activities, track them down!

Local Animal Lovers lodge multiple police reports against abusers

Please Note: This Alan is not the 'Alan' in the video, mistaken identity!

Look at their sh!t faces on this Facebook profile (note the ring on guy's finger)


Claudia said...

its SICK And I HOPE This PERSON will get punished with the death sentence for doing this to this poor little innocent dog.

My heart is crying yet again.

I hate mankind said...

the stupid guy should be made to walk on all fours for the rest of his sorry life

hope the toy poodle is suffering no more

NUTs said...

These sick couple should get what they deserve.They have no right to torture this lovely creature like that.I really hope there's someone saving SUSHI's life and take him to another home where there's full of love.There're full of kind ppl who love dogs like one in their family.Hope SUSHi got a new loving home soon&Hope that the wickedness of these couple come back to them&the one they love the most!!!!!!
Someone pls recue SuSHI!!!!

Betta sp said...

stupid idiot guys, go to hell you abuser!!!!i'm very angry watching this idiot guy torturing the dog and i don't even watch the whole video....it's a heartbreaking:(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How could someone bear to torture such a lovely dog. This couple is totally heartless. It make me so sad and sorry for sushi to have such horrible, heartless, cruel, selfish and terrible owners! The girl who is filming don't even bother to save the poodle and enjoy filming. Pray that the couple get caught and punish.

Tania said...

they deserved every single comment on they're profile. every. single. one. of. them.

Anonymous said...

While I absolutely condemn such act of cruelty to a lovely animals and hope the culprits will be punished by the law, I do not condone some of the hatred filled comments in their profiles by some self righteous so called "animal lovers".

Some of them even curse their parents and innocent child who knows nothing about anything and wish them them death and hell.

These are "animal lovers" filled with hatred for people.

Anonymous said...

maybe his mother beat him up the same way when he was a small child so need consider this~ most malaysian chinese mothers like this~ very strict and beat their children up

concerned said...

I saw three dogs from their facebook pictures, so...If my guess is correct...

I think the girl used to have a dog who can do the 'stand' trick. So the guy is probably trying to train this poor dog to also do the same trick... so now my concern is for their 3rd dog, which looks like its still a puppy...

Anonymous said...

This is sickening.. I can't stop my tear from anger... this is inhuman!!!!

Emma said...

This made me sick. I feel so sorry for that cute little dog. It makes me so angry that some people have no hearts. I mean seriously people, SMARTEN UP!! Animals have rights just like me and you pal. So dude in the video, I hope you feel awful for the rest of your life and that your girlfriend will notice how UGLY you are on the inside. This makes me so upset..

Me said...

poor poodle.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible act of cruelty. It's Disgusting! How can anyone do this, and how can anyone look at this, with a camera in her hand.
I hope this sweet little poodle is in a better place now..

the 4 Bs said...

that video made me very upset. i take a little comfort in believing that sushi must sure have died and not be suffering any more. i don't think a little dog can take that much beating, punching, shaking, and other abuse without internal injuries and probably head injuries also. if there was blood in the mouth, it would indicate internal injuries. poor pup. those people should be subjected to the same torment that they inflicted on the pup.

Charles Kevin said...

That guys whose very abusive must suffer until he die. If i would accidentally find that man, he'll get killed. Fuck you whoever you are.

Karina said...


Anonymous said...

get the dog and beat this bastard until he has irreversable brain damage. . . just like this poor dog

Anonymous said...

Latest update:

With regards to Sushi's case, DVS Wilayah Perseketuan says they are unable to give an official statement, as their investigation is still underway. However, they also say that they do not have enough information at current time to work with, as they only have the IC numbers of the suspects. They have already been to the last known address of the female suspect in Penang, but she is no longer there. They are well aware of the public pressure, as it seems they have been receiving many enquiries from animal lovers via phone and email. Please keep the pressure up!


Anonymous said...

Owner claims that Sushi has been given to a friend. No proof has been shown for this to be true or not.

And they have adopted a new puppy... also pictured standing in some photos...

pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=105331682836375&id=100000786306757&aid=5003
Get Sushi's Owners Group: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150411958790545&set=o.195559180457890&theater

Anonymous said...

Here are Doreen Loo and Alan Tan's current facebook pages:



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Regarding the facebook profile links above...

not sure about the girl, but the guy this not the person in the video, wrong identity buddy

Stephanie Humphries said...

Someone, please, go to this nimrod's house and break his arms and legs off and beat him with them. Take a video and send it to me, please, so I can enjoy seeing him suffer. Piece of shite!

chothira said...

if i have this fool for five minutes, i knw what to do. bloody idiot..!

Anonymous said...

i think you may have the wrong "Alan Tan"... the guy in the link don't have tattoos and according to the video, the effin' abuser has lots of them on the upper arms.
I hope Sushi is in a better place now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PETA petition...

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am wondering if Sushi is still alive or not? If he is, I hope he is in better place, with someone who love him and cares for him... If he has died, then I am very glad he is in better place, God wouldnt allow him to suffer that long. Second,.. I hope someone is hunting them down right now, making their life miserable, I hope he been caught and tortured! I hope that c*nt b**ch get raped.. Im sorry to say this but I truly hope so, cause if I knew where they are, I would hunt them down!

Anonymous said...

You sick f***. I would love to tie you by the ba***, pull it tight and make you walk about for hours on end. You deseverd to be shoot, and die and slow and painfull dead. No animal deserves something like that. And any one who does do it should be put in jail and sick to life with tourue.

Anonymous said...

i swear if i get that guy for at least a min i will cut out his dick, hang him upside down and whip him to death. then i will cut his head, wrap it with a ribbon and present it to his bitchy girlfrnd. and then i will throw the fucking bitch in an enclousure full oh hungry animals and shoot a video and send it all their relatives, frnds and family who i am damnb sure knew about sushi and did not do anything!!!! and if i dont get to torture them then i pray with all my heart that some dogs would eat these couple alive!!! I have a dog and i am a dog lover too so if Sushi is still alive i will happily take her in with me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

It was my saddest moment in my life of 50 years. I am a pet owner since 15 years old. When someone asked me, 'how many children do you have?', I always answer '4' even though in actual fact, I have only 1 son. Why 4? Becos I am a very proud owner of 3 beautiful Shih Tzu's which I take them as my own children. My whole family loves our pets and they know us as Daddy, Mummy and Koko (Brother) that's my son.

And when I watched the video clip of the abused poodle, frankly I shed a few drop of tears, hea ring the poor SUSHI crying for help. My God, how can such person or persons do such thing to a cute little dog. One is abusing and the other is filming.

After going through all the postings in the website, I believed that 'SUSHI' could have pass-away from the injuries substained from the beatings and torture and if so, these Allan tan and Doreen Loo are both MURDERERS.

Whatever it is, the 2 must be brought to justice and be given the more than maximum punishment that the law allows. The hunt for these 2 sub-human species must not just end here with a few comments.

And if Allan Tan & Doreen Loo is reading my comments, this is what I have for them;


And lastly, if anyone of you people out there knows anything about the welfare of SUSHI, please drop a few lines.


Anonymous said...

i just pray for these owners.... i hope that they understand wat ther doin is rong on billions of levels, if i could say just one thing 2 him it would b: "Why? Why so mean? WHat do u acomplish wen u slam ur dog agenst a wall? u change ur identity and everything abt u just so u may continue to hurt this dog??? is it even alive still!?!?!?!?!?!" id say 2 the woman: "u say 'o its at 10 mins' and all y the hek r u video taping dis???? ur just as sik as the rest of them wen u just watch...." it might not seem as bad but its probally worse.... just watching... the blood, the trears, the pure pain, its just sik!!!! some ppl r sik..... i hope these ppl learn a lesson from this and every1, every1 learns a leason from this.... did u c the dog flinch in pure terror as the man got ready 2 hit it??? i watched only 2 mins of this video and i was sik... i couldnt finish watching the poor dog being beaten... i hope that all the people oout ther who r rdin this and u wer laughin or doin wat this man did 2 his dog (if it even is his dog!!!!) know that u r sik..... i am ashamed of the counrty these people live in. even if its mine (usa) because the us is a terrible place as well, and i live in 1 of the best places on it and i just found out on the news a lady stuck her baby in the michrowave and it exploded!!! our world hurts like a mother.... we let others suffer and dye for no reason at all... my friends cousin was shot x15 in the heart wen he was walking downtown and accsedentally walked in2 a group of gangmembers 'part of town' and he didnt even know what was going on bcuz he had just moved in.... my dad is a correctional officer and he helps keep the imates in jail under control and ther was a woman who killed her mother by cutting her in2 tiney peices and put her in a garbage bag and set her 'remaines' on fire..... these things happen all the time everywere whether or not u know it... its not a joke..... our world is sik.... its terrible what has happened 2 our home... and this incedent about 'Sushi' is just a small part of what happenes everyday... all of this coming from a 12 yr old..... i hav seen or heard terrible thinkgs as wat i hav listed above in only the 1st 12 yrs of my life!!!! who rong is that!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! but as i said, i pray for these people... to find a new way in life... well... these people have been so cruel i doubt that they can even live up 2 that, these people, no doubt will feel the wrath of hell.... i hope this dog has died, not in a bad way but so it may go 2 a world where ther will never b the risk of pain or evil... this idiot freak couple will dye and go 2 hell and burn and rot for the rest of eternity.....

Anonymous said...

speechless ...

Anonymous said...

i cant watch the video...

anjing ras said...

you SICK! you are the worst people ever!

Anonymous said...


this guy has been reported for neglect and abuse of his beautifull dog by me. Drug fuelled parties in a high rise apartment never sees the light of day. Now he is trying to have one last party before he sets him free. Please everyone contact his facebook page and tell him what you think. we have to stop the cruelty!

Anonymous said...

I FUCKING HATE CHINKS. all they do is abuse dogs i say we get people together and abuse their kind.

Anonymous said...

I reported this blog to be in violation of it showing snuff videos. In the USA, it's illegal to post stuff like this. I will also report this blog to other anti-snugg.org websites to make sure it's shut down.

You showing this stuff makes you just as bad as those that have perpetrated the crimes against animals.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit? This was a flippin poodle and this breed needs to be annihilated. The only useful poodle is a dead one and if I found this stupid looking animal, I would have broken his neck or just squeezed until he died. Barring that, I would have shot him dead gutted him, and fed him to exotics. These dogs are useless and have no worth whatsoever. And for the haters, don't bother to reply as this will be my first and last post. This *ing animal is better off dead and all poodles should be shot on sight. Just the look of them is enough to want to step on them and crush their bodies.

Anonymous said...

So sad , ima fuck up his legs nd force the fucker to stand up nd for his girl ima skull fuck her. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Your Damn right humans are disgusting creatures

Anonymous said...

Is he handsome to the outside ??????? I maen come on he looks like shit !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor sushi,
I hope he is in better hands now.

Anonymous said...

I stirfried and ate the little fucker

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I find it ironic how they have to attack his looks. As if beautiful people never commit crimes. So juvenile of them. Ironically he's a good looking guy, probably better looking then the angry acne ridden internet tough guys who want to murder him on these comments lol.

ps: It's a fucking dog, get over it.

Anonymous said...

The dog wasn't being at all cooperative,that's why it got the living daylights beaten.Notice how the dog had no problem standing up at the end of the movie...that's because the dog had it's ass whooped so there's your answer to what happened.Why don't people do something about kidnappers,rapist,serial killers.Gangs that are killing in the streets,our schools,where's the outraged crackdowns on those issues?

Anonymous said...

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What happened with this??

Anonymous said...

To the people who say it's not right to wish any cruelty on the people who did this: Animals are innocent creatures who love us even when we do shit like this to them while human beings are worthless pieces of trash...the human race is getting worse and I wouldn't mind seeing these worthless fucks get tortured.

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Anonymous said...

When will the abuse stop??? It may be called a "Toy" Poodle but it doesn't mean you need to treat it like one! Its a dog not a bloody circus animal - Not only is abusing it wrong but dogs should not stand on their hind legs for so long, This as well can be alone dangerous let alone balancing on a small wobbly surface.

Gays Paradise said...

I wanna cry so badly. I feel so discusted at this. There are so many humans in this world that diserve every single punch that dog received. I hope that dude burns in hell

Anonymous said...

I hope this man dies a horrible painful death....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Animals are heavenly gave to us. They bring hapiness to us. Why bother to hit them? 'Sushi'was so cute and it didnt even bark a sound...If the girlfriend cared, she still let the guy punch 'Sushi' for 10 minutes....And 'Sushi' was bleeding....Gosh, poor little dog. This man should suffer how the dog felt. 'Sushi' should really be dead by now, hes in a better place with god :) Sushi is so cute...I dont get it....Dogs cant stand properly...Just like handicapped.... ❤I love Dogs (; ❤ & Its no toy! Its just a little bear c:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could torture that fucking Chinese cunt with standing with his hands. 1 Fucking kick in his face when he falls down

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Poodles are worthless. About time someone found a use for them. Entertainment and punching bags. :-)

Anonymous said...

I dont think he was punching the bitch hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's sick. But to want another human being to die over it? That's a little sick too, I really dont think abusing animals is something that warrants the death penalty.

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Anonymous said...

We need to start a petition to stop the showing of these videos. I think a still photo, a description, along with the names and addresses of the persons/persons involved would do. The world is full of sick people who enjoy watching this stuff. Why give them an outlet? It also gives them ideas. Youtube should never allow animal abuse and there should be a stiff International fine and jail time for posting cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has the heart to abuse animals will probably abuse some else. Like children or the elderly. Anyone who is weaker than them. Yes they should die. Why would you want people like that on this Earth?

Anonymous said...

If she did anything she'd be the next one thrown, strangled and punched. The dudes a cunt and deserves hell for it.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Animal abusers do end up as kilkers...there is evidence suggesting that. And hurting and killing innocent life does warrant death.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it does warrant the death penalty. Animals are defenseless like babies. If they can do it to them, they can do it to humans. Kill this stupid pile of shit. I'd bash his skull in with a baseball bat if I could.

Anonymous said...

Is sushi alive

Anonymous said...


Angelangi said...

That is not an excuse to carry the abuse on. . Did he do it to his children too or just poor defenceless animals? Horrible man.

Anonymous said...

Now if you watch the end of the video, Sushi got the crap beaten out of him.Afterwards he was so cooperative after that he stood up like no tomorrow. Well had the dog done that all along he wouldn't get the crap beaten out of him.I loved how Sushi knew he did bad as he would shake in fear with his tongue hanging out.Do you think this owner was going to give him a rest with some treats or cold water anytime soon.....The dog did it to himself. Wearing the rings on the two fingers gave an extra whack of pain to Sushi's body with each blow to the head. Hopefully he killed that dog after the video dying standing up.I wish there was a part II.

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I agree. Has his guy been found yet? Can we have him killed please?

Anonymous said...

Training with fear and not love IS abuse. We must speak for the animals, they say STOP!!!! We not hurt you!!!!

Anonymous said...

They should at lease get some type of time i luv dogs an this was just wrong

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