Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

James Bond, Sir Roger Moore, says NO to Foie Gras

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Received in my email inbox via PETA this message from Sir Roger Moore, screen legend of The Saint and James Bond fame, and I am quite sure that he would love to have more people read his passionate and heart-felt plea. And I am also certain that he will agree with me when I say this, no effort will be considered too small or insignificant. And its never too late to start doing something about it. He saw the true evil behind the cruel cuisine that is Foie Gras, made a decision to change, and took further action to help spread the awareness. And this man is in his eighties and counting! Now, what will you do?


Dear Fellow Friend of PETA,

I have a confession: I used to eat foie gras.

However, when I saw PETA's video footage on foie gras production and the deadly force-feeding of ducks and geese, I felt compelled to do something to help stop this cruel "delicacy".

Once my eyes were opened, I become a passionate campaigner against foie gras –volunteering to narrate PETA's documentary about the barbarity of its production, writing to every member of the House of Commons asking them to help end foie gras sales in the UK and penning pieces for national publications to spread the word against this repugnant practice.

I also joined forces with PETA on a relentless two-year campaign to convince the Selfridges department store chain to pull foie gras from its shelves, mobilising concerned individuals to bombard the company with thousands of e-mails, phone calls and letters.

The day Selfridges announced that they would no longer carry foie gras was one of the proudest of my life. And of the many honours that have been bestowed upon me over the years, few have moved me as much as being awarded the PETA UK 2009 Person of the Year award for my work. I am most humbled that my passion has helped make a positive difference in the lives of these animals.

However, despite our victories, the battle to outlaw foie gras in the UK, across Europe and around the world is far from won. Our success will only come through the continued commitment of compassionate people like you.

Thank you for standing with PETA to protect ducks, geese and other animals from suffering and death. May this Christmas period bring you and your family happiness and good health.

Most cordially,


Sir Roger Moore

To Sir Roger Moore, I salute you.

Find out more about Foie Gras and other Cruel Cuisines.

Rescued: Dog Chained and Suffocated

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanks to the power of the internet and all who cared, another victim of abuse was rescued.

A Chinese animal protection group has rescued the dog which was seen being chained and suffocated by its owner in an online video, SPCA says.

The video of a young man suffocating his dog had caused outrage on STOMP earlier this month.

PETA Asia-Pacific says that the dog was rescued by an animal protection group in Chongqing, China, and is now under their care.

According to Singapore's Citizen news site Stomp, a spokesperson from SPCA have this information from PETA Asia-Pacific:

"The video first surfaced on the internet on 1 October. It was soon circulated worldwide.

"The incident took place in Wulong, Chongqing City, China.

"A local group, Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA) rescued the dog on 4 October and the dog is currently under their care".

I am amazed that from just the video and the guy's face, they managed to track him down, locate the place, and perform the rescue. Maybe some netizens identified him?

Now, the question that matters most is, I wonder what the Chinese authorities did to punish this guy? Or has any action been taken against him at all?

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