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Russia: Parasailing Donkey

Posted by veola at 9:17 AM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The idiotic behaviour of mankind never fails to soar to new heights. Witness a bunch of morons, in Russia this time round, attaching a donkey to a parasail, and launching the poor thing above the sea water, where beach goers, including frightened children, witnessed the entire incident.

The donkey screamed in fear. The kids cried as they watched this ugly scene. And the idiots laughed, feeling proud of their achievement and probably finding this fun. Some kids were heard asking their parents, "Why did they hitch a doggie to a parachute?"

If only the 'adults' in this shameful scene can have the decency and common sense to ask themselves 'why?' before committing such a stupid and mindless act.

Reports said that the donkey were dragged for several meters in the sea upon landing, before being pulled out half alive onto the shore.

Follow the links below, and I'll guarantee that you will see some (similarly moronic) readers saying "Get over it, its just a donkey...."

AOL News

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