Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

Cat Glued to Minessota Highway Rescued

Posted by veola at 11:06 PM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another insane and mindless act of animal cruelty.
This time, a cat, an orange tabby, was glued alive to a Minnesota interstate highway and left to die. Apparently, the perpetrators were hoping that the cat will get run over by passing traffic, or maybe die a slow death by starvation or get killed eventually by the elements. (?)

Fortunately, a passing couple saw the cat at the side of the road, thinking that it might be drawing it's last breath after it had been hit by a car. After investigating and realizing that its still alive, they picked up the cat. Unfortunately, the glue ripped off the cat’s paw pads, along with some of his claws.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” said the Second Chance Rescue crew. Second Chance named the cat Timothy and provided the necessary medical attention.

Timothy is now recovering in the care of a foster family. Second Chance says the cat could be up for adoption once he’s recovered.

[LINK: ksfy.com]


Anonymous said...

As a shelter veterinarian, I've dedicated both my professional and my personal life to combatting animal cruelty and suffering. Despite some horrific experiences, I never cease to be appalled by each new case I encounter.

Luckily, I also have faith and hope, as the issue of animal cruelty is getting more and more media attention and likewise generating support from like-minded animal lovers. Together, we can help prevent future atrocities.
Dr. Kelly Ann Rada, Shelter Vet To Go!

Anonymous said...

So sad... hope where ever Tim is now, he'll be loved and cherished.

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