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Not Everyone Is Happy At The Circus!

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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Circuses force animals to perform tricks that have nothing to do with how these magnificent creatures behave in the wild. They are taught to do tricks by fear and submission. They are injured while being beat and tortured into doing tricks. That is the way the circuses "teach" them new tricks. An elephant does not understand, "stand on your hind legs" but it understands a beating to obey.

Animals in circuses either travel in 18-wheelers or by train. Tigers, who in the wild would secure 75-2,000 square miles, are kept in cages with barely enough room to turn around. Elephants, who walk up to 25 miles a day with their families in their natural habitat, are shackled in chains by their front and back legs so that they can't take a step forward or backward.

Even if conditions were improved and humane methods of training were used, the fact is that keeping wild animals in captivity deprives animals of much of what they value in life. Elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, and other animals used in circuses are complex creatures—not robots to be stacked in boxes and hauled to the next show.


Anonymous said...

STOP THIS!!! making animals be in the circus, they are having a horrible life, they derserve a good life where they are happy. People need to stop this and give the animals a better life, think if it was you, you want it to change because you would think its wrong, well change it for these poor animals.

Niki said...

Another good article... covered a lot of points that some people tend to never think about! Ringling Bros. and other "animal" circuses like them disgust me. I can't believe they are allowed to hit the elephants with bullhooks, legally!

Anonymous said...

How can we stop these ruthless cold hearted people? They don't care for the animal at all. I say we tell every person we know. Post it on facebook. Post flyers. And tell everyone.

sandy said...

it doesn't help to tell anyone, they don't care..wrote the newspapers, wrote the mayor, no reply no result..tried to put ringlingbrostorturesanimals video on their facebook page and bam! it disappeared immediately!
this summer i'm wearing t shirts featuring cruelty to circus animals to every festival and tourist attraction i can..maybe someone will notice, emailed anderson cooper, he's the only one that could do a story, email him see if he'll get enough emails to look into it and do a story. good luck keep trying check out adi.com

Anonymous said...

Why cant they use some animal abusers at the circus ???????? They are trainable too ????? Plus it would be very very funny for animal lovers right??????

Quivira Road Animal Clinic said...

Thankfully as the years have progressed people are starting to notice this. Many circuses are shutting down because of lack of attendance, which is a good thing.

Quivira Road Animal Clinic

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