Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

Cooked while alive...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reader Monica sent me a video of this. And after watching it, my heart really broken into pieces, and my eyes welled with tears. Will these people ever learn? The scenes are too cruel for me to even describe. They seemed proud of their 'performance' but all turned a blind eye to the poor creatures, still gasping for air, in pain and fully conscious, their body cooked and ready to be eaten.

Will such madness ever end?

Bill to end Canada's commercial seal hunt

Posted by veola at 9:43 AM

Received this in my inbox. For anyone reading this, please, click on the link to the care2 site, and lend them your voices, sign the petition. Every signature counts. Let's all join our hands, and put an end to such madness... If you haven't seen how babys seals are being CLUBBED TO DEATH by 'hunters', see this video.

*Thanks to a courageous Canadian Senator, Marc Harb, there is now a Bill to end Canada's commercial seal hunt, which is expected to take the lives of more than 250,000 baby seals this year alone. Support the historic Bill to stop the hunt! »

Imagine a Canada in which there are no more baby seals hooked and dragged onto boats while still conscious. No more seals as young as three weeks old skinned alive. No more needless slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals each year.

With the proposed seal product ban in the EU and Russia's recent ban on hunting harp seals less than a year old, this dream can soon be made a reality. The momentum to end Canada's commercial seal hunt has never been stronger.

Senator Harb wants to fill the Senate with messages of support for his
Bill. Please sign the petition today! »

Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AFlLF/zjYz/bBYQw

Thanks for taking action!


The world needs more virtuous and courageous leaders like Senator Marc Harb... please, show him your support and pray for him...

Violent Activism - Right or Wrong?

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Just came across this report, which got me thinking.... in our eagerness and desire to fight for the rights of the abused and tortured animals, how far should we take it? Is violence inevitable? Is it a road that peaceful animal lovers should never consider? Or is it a must if we want to see results fast!? Does the ends justify the means? Are we giving the perpetrators a taste of their own medicine? Or are we just stooping down to their level?

What do you think?
Should violence be an option that we will have to consider sooner or later?
Or should all violence be condemned, as 'an eye for an eye' will make the whole world go blind?

I found a very interesting cartoon which serves well to illustrate what I'm trying to say, but I can't afford to pay for it in order to display it without violating copyright laws. But you can view it legally here.

Hope to hear your views and comments...

Cruelty by Design

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Is fur worth it? Watch the video clip, and ask yourself.

How about Faux Fur? Its not real, so it should be alright?

Ask yourself this. If you don't want a kid to grow up liking real guns, would you buy him a fake one to play with, knowing that the fake gun can't do any harm to anyone?

When someone sees you wearing Fake fur, what is the impression that is projected upon them? They won't be thinking, wow that Faux Fur is so nice and no animals are harmed in the process of making it. They will probably be thinking, wow, nice fur coat, I'm going to get one for myself! In a way, you are helping to advertise the idea that wearing fur is cool.

Be responsible, take it a step further, stop wearing fur or what looks like fur altogether!

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How You Can Help...

Posted by veola at 9:13 AM

Many readers of this blog have sent me emails, asking me how they can help fight the cruelty to animals. So I've put down a short list of what you can do to help spread the awareness, to make people sit up and take notice, to make them search deeper into themselves, and take action!

For Reporting Cruelty to Animals:

To check whether there is a Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA, in your community, you can search for SPCA followed by your Country/State name in any search engine. There is also a good guideline by about.com on what to do to report cruelty to animals. Click here.

For Helping to make this world a better place for animals:

  1. First of all, bookmark or 'Follow' Stop Animal Abuse. And check back as frequent as you can for updates.
  2. Tell your friends and family about Stop Animal Abuse. Copy the URL to this page and send them the link.
  3. You can also drop me an email to provide feedback, to alert me to the latest news and events in your community, or just to say hi!
  4. Link exchange. If you have a website, we can exchange links. Just drop me an email with your website address in it.
  5. Stop buying fur products.
  6. Stop buying products made of animal skin and other body parts.
  7. Stop eating foods that involve causing extreme pain and cruelty to animals, such as Shark's Fin Soup and Foie Gras.
  8. Stop buying pets on a whim, and consider adoption instead. By giving an abandoned pet a home, you are discouraging the sale of these poor young creatures, and at the same time rescuing a poor soul from the clutches of despair, loneliness, and death!
  9. If you are a parent, a mentor or guardian to some children, or a teacher, inculcate the values of compassion and kindness toward animals to the young generation. Its always good to start early, but never to late to start!
  10. Last, but definitely not least, start influencing the people around you from this day on! When you see a friend or family doing something that is in some way abusive or cruel to animals, tell him or her in a calm and gentle manner why you think its wrong, and what we can do to change it.

Mr. Belvedere, Alice Waters, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Manchester United, Liverpool FC, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona FC, U2, Bill Clinton. People and groups of people with lots of influence, especially on kids. My dream is that one day, people like them will come together, put aside their differences, record a video to be played out 'live' at the same time in a Superbowl, Formula 1, Champions League Match, EPL match, World Cup Match, etc. Imagine the impact and power when all these people have one single message! That is my dream... I'm greying this out as its seems ridiculous, but yet, I hope, that it will come true one day. And I hope you will share this dream with me.

Europe Bans Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Posted by veola at 9:12 AM

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, some good news?

According to a this, and this, March 11, 2009 will mark a new beginning for animals on mother earth. The European Union will ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals. While such bans have taken place before, to limited success, the significant difference of this latest ban is that not only will it ban the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, it will ban the sale of such 'cruel' products as well. This includes the testing work that are outsourced to countries outside of Europe.

However, some companies will be allowed to continue testing when they say a validated alternative is not available. And there are also exemptions to the sales ban, with complete ban to take place progressively by 2013.

So, what can WE do to make sure that all the cosmetic companies take this seriously? What can WE do to make sure that no rich and arrogant cosmetic company will even dare consider protesting and challenging against such bans?

YES! YOU, the CONSUMER, holds the key.
STOP buying from these companies. Choose your products responsibly. Do some research before spending your money on any products.

You can go to the Caring Consumer website to check whether the companies that manufactures your preferred brand are cruelty-free. If they are not listed, go to the companies website and look for the companies' animal-testing policies. Better still, send an email to the company, and ask for their product testing methods and policies. Make your point clear, that if they DO practice testing on animals, you WILL NOT buy their products.

If more and more consumers like you and me do this, it WILL send a loud and clear signal to them. Do not compromise! Spend a few minutes, take some real action, save a thousand lives...

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