Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

You DON'T need FUR

Posted by veola at 1:46 PM

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Imagine yourself being kept in a tiny cage with many others, with barely enough room for everyone to lie down or sit properly.

Then, one day, one by one, the others kept in the cage with you are being led away, one by one.

You can hear them cry, scream, and moan in agony. You can see them being bound and tortured, and ultimately, skinned, alive.

You know it's going to be your turn, soon.

Well, imagine no more, because this is what people in many places all over the world are treating the animals. They are being skinned alive, all because of the vanity of human beings.

Cats, dogs, minks, racoons, etc. They are all suffering this cruel fate, all because some folks think they need to wear such things.

Please find some time and visit this link, from furisdead.com. Read about it, find out more, and tell everyone you know and care for, that we should stop buying such stuff, and therefore reduce and eliminate the demand for it.

You may think your part is too small to matter, but, believe me, every little effort from every single person counts. Educate our future generation, show them the website, explain the pain and suffering men put them through, guide them. Make a start, now.

Thanks to Geraldine Koh for highlighting this.


the wedding planner said...

I'm an animal lover too. Very good effort. Keep up this good work!

Anonymous said...


bikini fifteenie said...


Kevin said...

Thanks foy all your encouraging comments, keeps me going!

As for the photos, I get most of them from news sites or the from the websites which I link to. I do dabble a little with photography, mostly my own cats and still life, but nowhere near as good.

lqsp53phfg said...
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rice said...

Stop animal abuse!
I know tht singapore is doign a good job there!

Ashley said...

I think animal cruelty is wrong and people who treat animals that way should be severly puinshed. If I ever see someone treating an animal wrong i will take them. Also animal testing on animals is wrong and they need to stop because it's just like testing on people, because animals feel the pain to and that just cruel.

Sierra coy said...

I believe that cruelty to animals is very very wrong, useing them for testing first of all is not only inaccurate(as we are not made the same as animals, and will not neccesarily respond to things in the same way) but it is also horrably cruel. But I must confess that I do eat meat. And While I may not approve of the way animals are treated in the kill places, I will continue to eat meat. But I also don't eat meat from a meat market or grogery store, I hunt it myself, I belive that all animals deserve an honerable death and overpopulation of dear and such is a bad thing. Some animals need to have there populations thinned. I would rather the poor animal died by my arrow than of starvation. But then I also believe that teh animal population should be allowed to thin us down a bit, In fact I wish they would.

Anonymous said...

i feel sad about the animals that were totured

stephy said...

I think that people should stop hurting animals and start loveing them as one of us.

Liberals Make Me Sick! said...

Charity begins at home.

There are plenty of human beings that could do with your help.

Although, of course, they aren't as cute and furry.

I'm off to Korea to tuck into a nice Doggie Kebab!

Amanda said...

It pisses me off how people in this world dont even think about the animal. And it pisses me off when people think that animals dont have feelings, when they do!!!. Animal abuse needs to stop,and if your a farmer and your going to kill the animal for meat,at least let them have a decent life for christ sake. STOP THE ABUSE!!

blossom said...

omg u guys r so right i still cant believe people are that heart less ahh it gets me so mad i have a few pets of my own and i would die if somethin ever happened to them so yea hopefully u can get it to stop because its the best thing to do poor babies every animal having to suffer for other peoples amuzmeant i doubt those people would like to be tortured like that=[[[

Anonymous said...

animals should not suffer for the likes of others, they cant fight back or that will just make it worse. people SHOULD suffer from what they do to animals, if that includes being skinned, alive

Anonymous said...

Animal abuse is so horrible. Companies like Burton use animal fur, which the way they get it is totally wrong. No one deserved to be treated like the way some farm animals are. Were are ultimately equal to them, why doesnt anyone see that.

Anonymous said...

Thats so sad animals need their fur like us humans need our skin. I mean how would you like to be skinned or even shaved?? come on leave the poor animals alone. Please thanks


every little bit helps so spread the word !!

Anonymous said...

In the 40 years that I have been on this planet, I have found that year after year, I find myself enjoying the company of animals over humans.
Seeing the atrocities humans commit makes me want to vomit.
People speak so highly of "humanity" but personally, I think it is overrated.
I cannot fathom how someone can so casually inflict pain and suffering on animals, more especially domesticated animals.
We have a responsibility to treat ALL animals with respect and love, but I feel that we owe that even more so to the ones that we domesticated since we took away their only defense in their wild nature.
We owe it to them to provide food, shelter, love and care and friendship.
Watching some of the videos on this site and on others really makes me lose stock in our great "humanity".
There are many "humans" on this planet that I would happily replace with animals if I was given the choice.
When will humans stop being such mental pygmies and grasp the understanding that animals have the ability to HURT, to be HUNGRY, to feel COLD, to be SCARED, to want to be LOVED to be COMFORTED to feel SAFE just like ANY living thing??
I get so outraged to see such sickening acts of absolute selfishness against animals.
It makes me beyond sad, beyond angry....it just makes me feel hopeless sometimes.
Please people...LOVE the animals we share this world with,I can promise you they are going to be true to you long after a human will betray you .

Leslie said...

Animal abuse might quite possibly be the worst thing. All these animals that are beign skinned alive within the Chinese Fur Trade do not deserve what they are getting. They have emotions, feelings, and families just like us humans. These animals just have no way to defend themselves against us. We need to help and do our part to stop this horrible act of dogs, cats, racoons, foxes and many other animals from getting skinned alive. What if it was a person being skinned. I highly doubt people would be rushing to buy clothing made out of human skin.

mary b....{m@rouliciou$} said...


this is a video about anima abuse in greece...great affort...plz continue this great work...

Anonymous said...

Someone said an overpopulation of animals? We have an overpopulation of stupid ignorant people I would love to see skinned alive by a black panther or a bear! My cats are treated like royalty and run my home. What I get in return is loyalty and devotion. They are so kind and loving. They have never even been yelled at. Yes they are purrrrfect and that proves they are definitly God's creatures.
A Cat and Dog lover from Illinois

Anonymous said...

We need to toughen laws against animal cruelty. If they did against drunk drivers than they should for degenerates who do this against animals. Let them do time in a maximum security prison sharing a cell with Clyde the colon crusher!
Animal Lover

Sophie said...

makes me so sad hearing about animal abuse, but what makes me a little happier is knowing that there are a lot of supporters and there ARE people who care for the adorable creatures if i had it my way everyone who abuses an animal in any sort of way would be Banished from existence, and DAMN their parents for not wearing a condom

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