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Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

Meet your Meat

Posted by veola at 10:22 PM

Monday, August 30, 2004

“Once you see for yourself the routine cruelty involved in raising animals for food, you'll understand why millions of compassionate people have decided to leave meat off their plates for good.”
–Alec Baldwin
This video from Meet Your Meat may change your life, for good.

Watch Streaming video
Download video in zip file

You can also order the DVD or VHS for US$5

Please go to the website and see what Alec Baldwin did to help support their cause.


jessica prevett said...

is an exelent web site hart braking but good i have to do a speech in english and i have shsen to do animal cruelty before i went on this web site i was not a vegetarien but i can certanly tell you I AM NOW i have been enspired and know egzactly what to write down on my speech and for 6 years i have wanted to be a vet for the RSPCA and still want to and all i have to say is thank you p.s i dont have a web yet but i am working on it and it should be finished on the 15th october which my name is jessica prevett and i am 12 and my web page will soon be called www.jessicap.com/stopanimalcruelty

jessica prevett said...

hi this is jessica prevett again if u would like to speek to me on this then my email is jessicaprevett@yahoo.com

Maria Gaucin said...

WOO! This is a reaaaally heart braking site, I stood there watching this videos , actually crying of the feelling of those poor aimals. Like Jessica, I was not a vegetarian, but I AM NOW, This really open my eyes wide of the meat we eat. I hope that everybody who watched this make a difference. -Maria-

Anonymous said...

This website has pictures that open my eyes to the world of animal abuse, the cruelty of harmless animals. I feel that these pictures will change my life. I know that although more and more people consume these animals there are people who boycott against the restaurants, the supermarkets, and other areas around the world. I respect those people, because even I have hope.

Bless the animals.
-the newest vegetarian-

Anonymous said...

After seeing your website, I get the urge to go out and eat a steak.

Shannon C. said...

omg, this is so sad
i used to love meat
but now i'm not going to anymore
it's so cruel and mean what they do to those animals
all the suffering they go through
i hope more people watch this and see what it's really like

Anonymous said...

i couldnt watch it, i see no point to actually, we all no how its going to end up, you probably hear them screaming in pain, or blood everywhere, or chicken heads or something, i cant stand to see something this horrifying, somebody please explain to me about this video to get anough courage to watch it, tell me if im wrong

Anonymous said...

It's simply mind blowing how cruel and unusual people can be i can't imagine how they can stand to do that and they shouldn't be walking the streets, if they can treat animals like that just imagine what they can do to people. I don't think vegitarainism is always the answer i think if u have the oppurtunity to get meat from an organic and fast-death producer where the animals live a happy life while their here than that's the way to go, afterall they're not only here to be loving friends, other problems arise that can be almost just as cruel when the population isn't controled but it would help tremenduoulsy if we could get rid of the factories like that!!! I have a speech to give in my agriculture class and i've found my topic.

Mary said...

Wow, I'm glade I'm not eating meat anymore, its terrible what people do. All day, I've been going from site to site, looking at horrifying pictures and videos of slaughter of cattle,dolphins,horses,pigs and other animals that humans murder for meat. I wish i could do something more, being 12 i can't do much. I've been wanting to donate money to PAWS or possibly here, but its just really sad of what man has done to animals, and its not just meat. Animal abuse, laboratory research and murder with hunting. Its just sick, I feel like i could cry.

Kayla said...

my heart broke as soon as the first chicken on this video was killed.. i was crying throughout this whole movie.. all my life i have loved animals more than anything and to see people who treat them like this makes me wanna hurt them in exactly the same ways as they hurt the animals.
like most of these people who have already commented.. i used to eat meat.. but after seeing this video.. i feel sick when i do
iv decided to turn vegaterian
its going to be hard but im sure ill be able to do it
and also that person who said "after watching this video.. im have the urge to go out and eat a stake" should go and fuck themselves because your just as sick as those people on the video!
if anyone wants to talk to me, my msn is kaylas_laughing_at_you@hotmail.com
ill be happy to talk

Anonymous said...

I have always been against animal cruelty and I feel so strongly about it. But becoming vegetarian is no going to help anything. If you can be so against animal cruelty from depriving an animal from it natural requirements, then why are you depriving yourself meat.

Humans are animals, and we are naturally omnivores. So isn't it true that be not eating meat your just contridicting your own reason against animal cruelty?

Instead of living on an unatural diet, buy meat and dairy products that come from animal friendly environment, such as free ranged chickens.

Do you think its cruel to force an animal such as a dog to have no meat to eat in its diet? So why is it any different for a human.

Next time you think about becoming vegetarian, consider ALL the facts.

I can't stand the way animals are slaughter for our consumption, so I just choose the animals that come from better situations and more humane ways of killing them.

I'm currently studying to become a Veterinarian and I know what depriving an animal of its natural diet can do to them.

Anonymous said...

I hate humanity for what we do to animals

Anonymous said...

The art of the Kitchen Chef.
BOYCOTT Chefs with total disregard for life. Watch the last part of this video which is shown ON TV!



shane said...

1) Imagine a life of wandering around looking for food and fresh water, being chased around by predators, and competing to survive with your own kind. Every day you’re tested for your survival and if you fail, you die. Now imagine the life of the animals in our factory farms. Every day they are supplied with food and fresh water with no competition and no concern for predators. Does that sound like animal cruelty to you? We all remember the instance where a few cows were mistreated in one plant. How could we not? The media, as the media is so good at, took that instance and blew it up to overshadow the facts. So five or six cows, out of 35 million cows that are processed every year, were mistreated, is that reason enough to make a blanket statement saying that all factory farms are abusive toward their animals? You tell me. Sure, living conditions aren’t perfect for the animals, but living conditions aren’t ever perfect for anything. If you can present a realistic living condition for animals that will benefit owners economically I would like to shake your hand.

Anonymous said...

i have just got my diploma in vetanary and i will do anything tto help animals but the only thing in my new job is putting them down i canot bear to do that

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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