Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

Let's Not Forget

Posted by veola at 3:50 PM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Let's Not Forget

Your "meat" comes from a creature who has met
A hideous and most untimely death
Nor is it seemly when upon your dish
Lie corpses of a murdered bird or fish.

One fleeting glimpse of any factory farm
Would make the vilest soul cry in alarm.
The chickens, cows and pigs - their lives obscene
Degraded to meat, milk and egg machines.

The cows, their fate sealed at the slaughter house,
Can hear their friends in front of them cry out.
If we pretend that of this they know not,
We grossly underestimate their lot.

The chickens, five crammed tightly to a cage
Oft peck their mates in frightened fits of rage.
The light which blinds these creatures night and day
Adds sin and cruelty to each egg they lay.

The male chicks not appealing to our taste,
Are tossed alive in bags to our great haste.
This writhing heap of bodies is no lie.
Eventually, they suffocate and die.

To better understand a dairy cow
Try picturing this horrid scene somehow:
You're pumped with drugs, you're pregnant and you hurt.
And then your child is robbed from you at birth.

She is no mere automaton, I say.
She mourns the loss of her child several days.
The farmers steal your milk from you and then
For profit's sake, they knock you up again.

The child, a girl will share her mother's fate
If he's a boy, he's off to the veal crate -
A squalid, filthy stall not two feet wide.
He ne'er sees light and cannot turn inside.

A pig's life is the cruellest life around.
The female lies immobile on the ground.
The males can sexually enter her at will.
Her infants suck her nipples through a grill.

Since they've no space, insanity prevails.
And normally, they'd bite each others tails.
For farmers, this would cause a profit drain.
So tails are yanked at birth with squeals of pain.

The more we hide from these injustices
The less we find we know what justice is.
We spare our cats and dogs from such "misuse",
So why allow the other cruel abuse?

These are no more automatons, I say.
They're feeling creatures tortured night and day.
By people who in numbness feel no more,
For use by us who in our haste, ignore!

Here is a cause that rests on naught but us
And though at first we kick and scream and fuss,
We find in time a wholeness that will last
Despite the horrors of our actions past.

Those of religion, here's a truth today.
In front of you. It will not go away.
This is your trial; if you should shut it out.
Then, say, what is religion all about?

Copyright © 1995-2004 by Mohan Embar. All Rights Reserved

May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this
copyright message.

Animal Rights Counterculture



Anonymous said...

This poem should be read to everyone that abuses animals. That way it will enable them to see what is happening in the real world. I Love this poem.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. it is a poem that is among all others and i think that this poem should be read all over. not just to animal abusers, but to people who don't have animals and those who love animals with all there heart. ANIMAL ABUSE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. NO ANIMAL DESERVES TO BE ABUSED.

bluetapir said...

Oh gosh, thats a amazing poem, it brings so many emotions from you. I was just sitting here, my throat was starting to hurt from wanting to cry, or just shout out and curse those horrible murderers, its just sad,terrible,sick, it makes me angry, makes me want to cry.

You really brought it out with the female cows, pigs and the male chickens. Its just real sad, like anonymous said; this poem should really be read to those people who think that how animals are treated in slaughter houses are over said. But there NOT. Man, this is BIG. And ANIMAL ABUSE NEEDS TO STOP. people need to start knowing.

And i second again what she/he said.

I love this. Its a amazing poem.

Anonymous said...

omg nice poem, its really touching im doing a thing for school about stopping child abuse and animal abuse and even women and male abuse =[ IT needs to STOP

Conners said...

We in Ontario, Canada have one of the worse laws in Canada to prevent animal abuse whether it be to pets, stock animals or wildlife.
We are trying (unsucessfully I might add so far) by including a Private Members Bill to stop cruelty animals of all types.
The inhumane slaughter of stock animals is a real concern, as are the others, but the government refuses to hear us.
Why when there is a Bill that helps these animals and go after the people that are not abiding by the terms won't even concsider our preposal is beyond us and frustrating us to no end...while more animals suffer.
In realiality, not evryone will give up eating meat and wear boots and shoes not made of leather, etc. t's why we need a strict, humane answer how to humanely end a life of a stock animal without it suffering and slaughtered while still alive and in a cruel and horrific death.
Go after the people that breed in puppy mills, fight dogs and other animals to the death and end backyard breeding.
Ontario, Canada has already got a first of it's kind in North America of BSL and banning the Pit bull breeds right across Ontario. What breed will be next? Socialization of these breeds have come to a halt.
I own an APBT who is also my Certified Service/Guide dog. Even so, she must be muzzled and leshed at all times when out in public. For her, until we win our fight in court, will work and not able to play as she once did over 3 years ago.
She gave me back life and now I fight for hers and all the breeds that will come next. Other breeds, such as Rotties have been banned in area's. One concilman suggested all dogs 20 pounds or more should be banned.
Government is dictating what breeds are banned and any dog that may resemble e Pit bull breeds are murdered, such as Jack Russels, boxers, etc.
If we do not have breed papers stating what breed our dogs are, meaning purebreds with papers, ACC (Animal Care Centre) has the right to enter your premises and take away your dog.
The media also is not bias and reporting mutts and calling them Pit bulls to frighten and brainwash citizens that the Pit bull breeds are vicious killers.
I knew you believe in Peta, but Peta also believes the Pit bull breeds should also be killed.

Anonymous said...

Animal Sacrifices are the Economic Foundation of the Cultures
of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Once it is understood that animal sacrifices are the necessary prerequisite for the meat industry,
then we see the logic of how:

1.The God of Genesis was Changed
from Commanding Vegetarianism for all creatures in Genesis 1:29-30,
which are attributes of a Paradise in which all creatures live peacefully together, into a God asserting in Genesis 9: 2-3 that all creatures are now to live in fear and dread of humans, and that humans can now eat flesh.

2. The Jesus who cleansed the temple of the animals to be sacrificed and whose mission
was to abolish the animal sacrifices (which are a prerequisite for carnivorism),
a Jesus who is consistent with the Jesus described by the Sabeans, who
denounced the animal sacrifices

3. The teachings of Muhammad,
many Sunnis admit was vegetarian in his preferred diet,
who channeled the Quran, praises the vegetarian Sabeans, in Surah 6, verse 38, states that all creatures are one living family under the care of Allah, much as Genesis 1: 29-30 does,
was changed by the Sunni lineage
who revised the verses of the Quran into a tradition teaching
that animal sacrifices are sanctioned by Allah.

The justifications for sacrificing animals and for eating their corpses was obviously inserted in the scriptures by businessmen interested in wealth, and not in the interest of health of humanity or other creatures.

Kaitlyn said...

I Love this poem ... STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY !!!

Bethany said...

This is a very depressing poem, these animals don't deserve all of this :[

miao miu said...

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Abigail Gonzalez said...
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