Tip of the Week: One of the most common form of animal cruelty is the abandonment of dogs. As pet owners fail to understand and control the behavior of their dogs when they go around chewing shoes and furniture, barking, urinating in the wrong places, etc, they 'give up hope' and abandon them.

Well, it is our responsibility to spend some quality time daily to train your dog! It will take some patience, and a lot of love. But remember, just like us human, learning as we get older, animals learn as they grow too! And what is better than to spend some quality time to bond with man's best friend?

Old news, but the sad reality remains

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Monday, August 30, 2004

See how animals were subjected to the cruelty of mankind, all in the selfish name of progress and betterment of the human race. But, as a result, what sort of a human have we become?

A picture from the Silver Spring monkeys case, PETA's first investigation. The monkeys were placed in such restraining devices and their reactions to noxious stimuli (flames from cigarette lighters, surgical pliers that pinched their skin, etc.) were monitored. PETA first uncovered the abuse of animals in experiments in 1981, launching the precedent-setting monkeys case. This resulted in the first arrest and conviction of an animal experimenter in the United States on charges of cruelty to animals, the first confiscation of abused laboratory animals, and the first U.S. Supreme Court victory for animals in laboratories.
We abuse them for food, pleasure, experiments, and sometimes even out of curiousity. But little that we know that, for all the abuse we have inflicted upon them, it is now coming back at us full circle in the form of super-germs and mutated virii-strains that cannot be killed by any known drugs*. Namely, E-coli, the bird-flu, madcow disease, and the HFM - hand-foot-mouth disease.

Original report here.

* The over-prescription of antibiotics, the failure of patients to take the full prescription and the widespread use of low-level antibiotics in animal feed to increase corporate farm profits have all contributed to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria - excerpt from Raw Food Life

Meet your Meat

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“Once you see for yourself the routine cruelty involved in raising animals for food, you'll understand why millions of compassionate people have decided to leave meat off their plates for good.”
–Alec Baldwin
This video from Meet Your Meat may change your life, for good.

Watch Streaming video
Download video in zip file

You can also order the DVD or VHS for US$5

Please go to the website and see what Alec Baldwin did to help support their cause.

The Sad Wings of Destiny

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Where and how does all the chicken meat, pork, and beef that we eat come from?

This video from PETA shows the sad fate of chickens raised at Factory Farms. Its quite a lengthy streaming video but its worth every minute of my time.

Cosmetics/Product testing

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

For the ladies out there, it helps to know that many of the products both men and women use, such as perfumes and cosmetics, are actually the cause of much animal suffering. Read this short article on product testing.

At the bottom of the page contains an animal friendly product list. Use it, please.

Animal Exploitation

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A well put-together website, www.all-creatures.org, with lots of useful and eye-opening stuff which I highly recommend.

In particular the Animal Exploitation Photo Journal & Gallery. Very detailed and gory pictures with captions on how various animals are tortured and killed for food, science, product testing, and pleasure. Believe me, it WILL open your eyes.

Let's Not Forget

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Let's Not Forget

Your "meat" comes from a creature who has met
A hideous and most untimely death
Nor is it seemly when upon your dish
Lie corpses of a murdered bird or fish.

One fleeting glimpse of any factory farm
Would make the vilest soul cry in alarm.
The chickens, cows and pigs - their lives obscene
Degraded to meat, milk and egg machines.

The cows, their fate sealed at the slaughter house,
Can hear their friends in front of them cry out.
If we pretend that of this they know not,
We grossly underestimate their lot.

The chickens, five crammed tightly to a cage
Oft peck their mates in frightened fits of rage.
The light which blinds these creatures night and day
Adds sin and cruelty to each egg they lay.

The male chicks not appealing to our taste,
Are tossed alive in bags to our great haste.
This writhing heap of bodies is no lie.
Eventually, they suffocate and die.

To better understand a dairy cow
Try picturing this horrid scene somehow:
You're pumped with drugs, you're pregnant and you hurt.
And then your child is robbed from you at birth.

She is no mere automaton, I say.
She mourns the loss of her child several days.
The farmers steal your milk from you and then
For profit's sake, they knock you up again.

The child, a girl will share her mother's fate
If he's a boy, he's off to the veal crate -
A squalid, filthy stall not two feet wide.
He ne'er sees light and cannot turn inside.

A pig's life is the cruellest life around.
The female lies immobile on the ground.
The males can sexually enter her at will.
Her infants suck her nipples through a grill.

Since they've no space, insanity prevails.
And normally, they'd bite each others tails.
For farmers, this would cause a profit drain.
So tails are yanked at birth with squeals of pain.

The more we hide from these injustices
The less we find we know what justice is.
We spare our cats and dogs from such "misuse",
So why allow the other cruel abuse?

These are no more automatons, I say.
They're feeling creatures tortured night and day.
By people who in numbness feel no more,
For use by us who in our haste, ignore!

Here is a cause that rests on naught but us
And though at first we kick and scream and fuss,
We find in time a wholeness that will last
Despite the horrors of our actions past.

Those of religion, here's a truth today.
In front of you. It will not go away.
This is your trial; if you should shut it out.
Then, say, what is religion all about?

Copyright © 1995-2004 by Mohan Embar. All Rights Reserved

May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists if accompanied by this
copyright message.

Animal Rights Counterculture


When Pigs Cry

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Can you imagine imprisoning a dog or a cat the same way?

Now, consider this, pigs are more intelligent than dogs and cats. They are currently ranked #4 in the animal kingdom. They pick up new tricks faster than dogs, and also respond when called. source

Source link - VIVA! USA pig appeal

Bull Fighting

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Witness the suffering, humiliation, and the demise of Bright Eyes.

Nerves damaged, he twitches, urinates, and defecates uncontrollably. But yet his pride makes him try to stand up. Tears, of pain, of sadness, flowed.

Go see the videos.

Source link - SHARK - Animal Cruelty Investigations and Campaigns

Stop Animal Abuse

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Wonder why we are hearing more and more cases of birdflu and madcow disease outbreaks? Do you know the origin of those meat you are feeding yourself? Then do yourself a favour, and start by looking at this short flash animation.

Cruelty. Its a vicious circle.

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